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Matox F&S Limited

We're innovative and affordable building solutions which are utilizing current construction technologies, appropriate design, and optimal project management skills to always deliver quality projects.

Our processes are guided and managed through Microsoft project management software that ensure maximum resource utilization and high yields. We have well qualified and trained Engineers and Technicians who ensure high quality standards throughout our processes.

At our well equipped repair and fabrication center we have capacity to refurbish a wide range of steel structures members including PST tanks.

Hydraform Technology

About Hydraform Technology

Hydraform Technology is one of the most popular alternative building Technology in Africa. It was founded in SA and has been used extensively across Africa for over 30 years. The same technology of CSEB (compressed stabilized earth block) has been in use in most countries across the world.

Hydraform Interlocking Stabilized soil blocks are walling blocks made from compressed soil and cement. Interlocking Stabilized soil blocks are artificially compressed using a diesel-operated pressing machine to a pressure of between 20 to 40 kg/cm2. They are just as hard and water-proof as stone. The blocks are dry stacked and interlocks on 4 sides. During wall construction, mortar is only used on the first course, ring beam and courses above ring beam. 70% of mortar of eliminated with use of this technology. It is quite ideal for any kind of structure- schools, universities, community houses, apartments, clinics, social halls, community centers, office buildings etc.